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La Rioja Alta

Always in evolution, an International Reference. In the early summer of 1890, La Rioja Alta, S.A. was founded by five families sharing a common passion for wine. It was the start of an ongoing quest for excellence that their descendants still pursue. Since then we have managed to extract the best from the marriage of our tradition in wine ageing, to state-of-the-art technology in grape fermentation. Our wines have become an international reference for the finest Rioja wines. Quality wine will always be our great passion. The pursuit of excellence marks the path our founders showed us which today, 125 years later, is a constant. For this, it is essential to achieve a vertical integration and control of each and every phase that comprises our work – from the vineyard, during vinification and ageing, to the distribution and sales of our wines.

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904

A great exemplar of Rioja Gran Reservas to which we also allocate the best harvests from our oldest and wisest vineyards. It shares with the Gran Reserva 890 the elegance, complexity and sophistication of the world’s great wines.

La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva

Ask for the name of a Rioja brand and many will answer: Viña Ardanza. A label that, in itself, stands as synonymous of a superb wine. With a great personality, it remains mythical from one great vintage to the next.

La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva

A wine with a singular and unique character which, renews with every vintage the renowned —and almost extinct— style that is typical of the wines made in the Haro (Rioja Alta) area. Today, Viña Arana continues to dazzle the world with its elegance, silkiness and mild acidity.