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Giovanni Allegrini Recioto

Giovanni Allegrini Recioto

While Amarone aims for perfect craftsmanship and a full, pristine range of aromas, full rein is allowed to this category of wine to express all its natural exuberance. The nose is immediately almost bursting with fruit, followed by fresh floral notes and pepper. After prolonged ageing, the wine proffers more evolved nuances of fruit preserved in alcohol and aromatic herbs.
Traditionally this wine has been enjoyed with dry desserts, such as shortbread, cantucci (dry almond cookies), sbrisolona (a local crumbly cake), however it also pairs well with dark chocolate soft cakes. Try it with strawberries and tropical fruits as well. Thanks to its outstanding roundness, it perfectly enhances some cheeses, especially a mild Gorgonzola.


40% Corvina Veronese
40% Corvinone
15% Rondinella
5% Oseleta

Vol. Alcool



50cl – Jennie