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Dourthe Nº1

Founded in 1840, Dourthe is currently one of the greatest wine companies in Bordeaux. Its viticultural expertise, exacting quality standards, inherent understanding of wine and its dynamic approach are unanimously acknowledged and rewarded by the wine industry at large. Winemakers first and foremost, proud owner of a number of prestigious Bordeaux Chateaux and also creator of premium quality wines, Dourthe observes an uncompromising quality policy across all its wines, and its approach is reviewed and fine-tuned on a yearly basis. This constant commitment to exceed our limits is evident at every stage of the winemaking process, so that every Dourthe Bordeaux wine is a benchmark, vintage after vintage. Through its close-knit partnerships with growers selected for their terroirs and quality Potential, rigorously monitoring the finest blocks of vines, selection of only the highest quality grapes and meticulous winemaking and ageing, Dourthe has developed a true mastery in ageing fine wines, with wines such as Dourthe No.1 and La Grande Cuvée.

Dourthe Nº1 Blanc

Intense and extensive aromatic spectrum. The freshness of the lemon and grapefruit zest, with delicate notes of passion fruits, is accompanied by subtle nuances of box, mentholated notes and hints of freshly cut hay. On the palate the wine is very well-balanced, concentrated in structure, revealing good acidity and a generous, full-flavoured fleshiness. The development of the aromas on the palate is characterised by a fruity freshness, which terminates in a long, lingering finish.

Dourthe Nº1 Red

For Dourthe Nº1 red, the remarkable task of seeking out the finest terroirs is also undertaken in the extensive red Bordeaux vineyard to pinpoint exactly those areas where Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have the best chance of reaching full maturity. Forging strong partnerships with growers guarantees optimal and consistent fruit quality. From tending the vine all the way through to the harvest, the growers work in close collaboration with the Dourthe winemakers. The finest batches of Dourthe Nº1 mature 12 months in new French oak barriques where the tannins from oak integrate harmoniously with those present in the wine, adding roundness, balance and aromatic complexity.

Dourthe Nº1 Rosé

Dourthe rises to the new challenge of creating Bordeaux rosé that is primarily different: a distinctive style, which as a result of its freshness and complexity, is totally unique. Its colour should be pale pink and bright; its aromas should be fruity, fresh, subtle and elegant, backed by a lively structure, but lacking in sharpness. The grapes are selected from terroirs suited to optimal maturity. A specific and unique vinification unveils its richness: a phase of cold pre-maceration, lasting just short of 6 hours precedes fermentation so that the perfectly ripe and healthy berries bring the required concentration of colour and aromas. After a cool fermentation, the wine is aged on its lees for 3 months to enhance the aromatic finesse of the wine.